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Dry and unemotional, he plays the role straight as an arrow. Arthur is level-headed and precise, on and off the job. He gets the job done without a trace and the killing of all of these people never seems to wear on him. While Statham may be the main star, it is Foster that truly shines as the troubled son. When Arthur takes Steve under his wing, they are initially distant but form a quick rapport in taking down a common enemy.

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However, Steve is reckless, wild, and trying to fight back his sorrows. This makes for a sloppy partner at times, but imperfect characters are often the most interesting and Steve is no exception. Humor comes from off the wall situations at times, even in the middle of brutal action. One scene where Steve gets the best of three enemies left the audience in a uproar of laughter.

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Violence can be disdainful in the wrong light, but The Mechanic has enough levity for most to laugh about. For some, that violence will be too brutal to enjoy. The humor comes from comically violent situations or vulgar language, and will obviously miss on a certain demographic. However, walking into an R-rated assassin film that stars Jason Statham comes with a certain expectation.

Even I was skeptical coming into the film and consider myself a fan of the action genre in general. Happily, The Mechanic turned into a pleasant surprise.

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Despite that, the film has its share of flaws. He clearly does his own research, but failed to thoroughly investigate the kill that sets everything in motion. Harry tries to find some humanity in Arthur, but he seems mostly immune to it. Some violence goes beyond the realm of fun and it is confusing whether the crew is trying to send a message that not all death is a funny matter. Wrapping it in a bloody and fun action film seems like an odd concoction if that was the goal.

If you fancy a quick, no-holds-barred action romp with plenty of grit and an unconventionally potent turn by Foster, you will be pleased. Sizing chart.

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