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I mean, it's not that difficult to take a good long stare at man's inhumanity to man as it stands right before our sorry eyes. Take fashion.

Normal jeans that haven't been refluxed by the hungry lovechild of a Bengal tiger and the queen moth and don't need three shoehorns, two tins of WD40 and David Blain to writhe into are already hard enough to track down, either. It might get worse before it gets better too. I hope I'm not over-thinking this and you see where I'm coming from and heading to here. If not, never worry your settled head. There's always VAR and Hawkeye to sort it all out for you.

Anyway, Dodgy's apocalyptic anxiety dreams aside, there may yet be hope in a loveless place, as denim-free Rihanna probably re-mixed en route to the New Lodge flats from a fairly prudish Bangor wheat field back in the day when, ironically, the cost of living and clothes was pretty reasonable for most humans. I have to trust the process now, get myself ready to throw this banquet-for-one into the microwave tonight, have a singsong then focus on the O'Byrne Cup next weekend.

Everything, of course, will largely depend on our 3D-printed replacement organs still being connected to a patchy 8G network. And while it's unclear if the likes of your Manchester Uniteds will be able to use the same technology to, say, print off new managers, eager suitors for Alexis Sanchez-types, one-way rocket ships to the moon for Luke Shaw- and Chris Smalling-types and maybe the odd inter-planetary trophy or two, the possibilities are seemingly endless. All-inclusive space holidays not Santa Ponsa , underwater motorways not the Westlink , flying buses not planes and self-cleaning homes I'm all ears could all be part of daily life in about 50 years' time, according to some predictions in this study from Samsung's highly-paid, fertile-brained futurologists published a few rotations of the earth days ago.

These digital revolutionaries are also teasing us with the prospect of state-of-the-art leisure pursuits such as a Quidditch-style sport played on hoverboards in mid-air, taking our minds off the increasing predictability of the sports we currently watch.

Why deep space exploration will never happen

Hopefully we'll all have decent wings retro-fitted between our fat backs and arthritic hip flexors before all those adult-only final stubs go on sale to members up at the club. The game itself, mind you, sounds like serious oul' craic in fairness — imagine the short kick-out strategies while everyone's pushing up past the 40 on lightning fast skateboards with no wheels.

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Ricky’s Dream Trip to Ancient Egypt

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